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The Origin of the .40 S&W – An Ammo History Lesson

American firearms manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Winchester designed and debuted the .40 S&W (10 x 22mm Smith &Wesson) on January 17, 1990. This rimless pistol cartridge was developed in response to a horrific shootout between FBI agents and two… Read More

Gun legislation in the news right now – what you need to know

Our mission is access for ALL shooters and Patriots of every star and stripe — so we keep a close eye on gun laws. (Bet you do, too!)  Lately, it’s been a legislative avalanche around gun rights. Here are the… Read More

I finally stocked up on ammo; now where should I store it?

As all our Patriots know, ammo is more precious than ever, so once you finally get your hands on some, you want to make sure to store it securely. We’ve all heard the old adage, “keep your ammo dry,” but… Read More