“This is a 200-year old industry that already centers around excellence. It goes back to the very beginning of, and to the heart of manufacturing in America — and we are revolutionizing it, with integrity, to serve our fellow Patriots.”

Joe Anderson
Chairman & Former Senior U.S. Army Officer

We believe everyone who champions their freedom to shoot is a true patriot.

We’re here to dutifully serve you all, from passionate range sportsmen to casual shooters who just want to protect their families.

We use good old fashioned American ingenuity to bring you the best quality and selection: whether it’s partnering with premium manufacturers and commissioning the production of our own top-quality mil-spec PDA rounds or sourcing top quality ammunition from other great brands.

Access for ALL Shooters

Helping shooters of every star and stripe find the best-quality ammo.

Fair Pricing

Guarding our shooter community against dishonorable gouging.

Responsible Business

Impeccable mil-spec quality, with dutiful Patriot-seal service.