“This is a 200-year old industry that already centers around excellence. It goes back to the very beginning of, and to the heart of manufacturing in America — and we are revolutionizing it, with integrity, to serve our fellow Patriots.”

Drew Meyerowich
PDA President & Army Colonel, Retired

We believe everyone who champions their freedom to shoot is a true patriot.

We’re here to dutifully serve you all, from passionate range sportsmen to casual shooters who just want to protect their families.

We use good old fashioned American ingenuity to bring you the best quality and selection: whether it’s partnering with other premium manufacturers, or crafting our own top-quality mil-spec PDA rounds.

Access for ALL Shooters

Helping shooters of every star and stripe find the best-quality ammo.

Fair Pricing

Guarding our shooter community against dishonorable gouging.

Responsible Business

Impeccable mil-spec quality, with dutiful Patriot-seal service.

Minority & Veteran Leadership

Defense Logistics champions its values from the ground up, and that’s reflected at every level of our organization — starting with dedicated senior leadership.

dl Drew M bio img

Drew Meyerowich

President & US Army Colonel, Retired

“Many of my philosophies as a leader are influenced by the values instilled in me from serving our country. A successful organization is built around great people – that’s when manufacturing truly thrives.”

Drew oversees all people, processes, and functions of the company as the President of Defense Logistics.

A West Point graduate and US Army Colonel, Retired, Drew’s leadership experience in the military transitioned into business. He thrived most recently, as COO of HOLLAND 1916, a Kansas City-based manufacturer of office and industrial supplies where he directed the operation of the business’ three subsidiaries. In the military, Drew led teams twice in combat. He led 110 Soldiers in Somalia and then led more than 1,200 Soldiers in Iraq. He also led the Army’s largest training organization, with almost 9,000 US Army personnel.

Drew’s military decorations include a Silver Star, Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars, along with Legion of Merit and five Meritorious Service Medals. Drew also led the rescue of Task Force Rangers in the battle made famous by the 2001 film, Blackhawk Down.

Drew is extremely active in the Kansas City Business Community and when not working, he is an avid at-home coffee roaster and outdoorsmen. He and his wife love the Lake of the Ozarks where they enjoy fishing and boating. Drew is always trying to maintain his high level of shooting proficiency by plinking at the pistol ranges with his wife and three sons.

dl Joseph B Anderson Jr bio img

Joe Anderson

Chairman & Former Senior U.S. Army Officer

“Equality and integrity have guided my life and career, and working with PDA allows me to bring those values together in a very tangible, significant way. My role here is to help people and the company flourish. It’s what I’ve done my whole career.”

Former Senior U.S. Army Officer and accomplished corporate executive, Joe is the backbone of Defense Logistics’ drive to support and assist all who are touched by the company. Joe earned military honors during two tours of duty in Vietnam. After his military service, Joe led a $1B business unit at General Motors, then moved on to lead multiple businesses. He is now CEO of TAG Holdings (one of the largest U.S. minority owned businesses), where his focus goes beyond just growing earnings, as he takes significant pride in the personal growth of the leaders of those companies. Joe is an avid bird hunter and salt-water fisherman. His connection to nature extends to wildlife photography as well as time spent playing golf. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Houston Worth Img

Houston Worth

Director of Supply Chain Management

“I lean heavily on the lessons learned and values from my service in the United States Navy and with the Marine Corps. Every day I see parallels between leading men and women in the military, and leading our supply chain operations.”

A Navy veteran who proudly served with the Marines for 5 years, Houston also has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Avila University. As Director of Supply Chain Management, he oversees all supply chain functions including purchasing, inventory of raw materials and components, supplier relations, and product distribution.

When he’s not managing the supply chain and building efficient processes, you’ll likely find him shooting, fishing, spending time outdoors with his family, or exploring the Ozarks.

Nora Riley Img

Nora Riley

Customer Experience & Design Lead

“I was introduced to the outdoors and shooting sports at a very early age, so it became a big part of who I am. It’s rewarding to be a part of a team supporting Patriots in every corner of the country.”

Nora is a recent graduate of the University of Dayton (Go Flyers!) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. As our customer experience and design lead, Nora manages the brand’s look and feel through every touchpoint, from the look of the site to responding to customers. She has an eye for clean and visually appealing design, and a knack for making shooters of every background and level feel welcome. 

She’s been shooting trap and sporting clays since she was 13, and can hold her own with her 20-gauge Beretta. If she’s not shooting, she likes to spend time with family and friends or go fishing in the Northwoods of Michigan.

Tonya Griffin Img

Tonya Griffin

Office Manager/Human Resource Specialist

“I was raised as a military brat. My father served during my childhood, and that made me grateful and appreciative of the men and women who’ve sacrificed for our everyday freedoms.”

Tonya is the quarterback of our day-to-day office and HR operations. She has more than 30 years of experience in administrative support, customer service, employee communications, and recruitment.

When she’s not working, she’s almost certainly spending the day on the nearest lake, boating, or hanging out with family and friends.