Gun legislation in the news right now – what you need to know

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Our mission is access for ALL shooters and Patriots of every star and stripe — so we keep a close eye on gun laws. (Bet you do, too!) 

Lately, it’s been a legislative avalanche around gun rights. Here are the key proposals we’ve got our eye on, which could impact gun owners across the country. 

President Biden “taking aim” at gun control legislation

In a recent press conference, President Biden laid out his plans for potential legislative and executive action on gun control. The President described gun violence in America as an “epidemic.”

He also insisted the intent was not an attack on Second Amendment rights, but rather reasonable measures that will limit and close dangerous loopholes that all responsible Americans should support. 

The 3 actions the President has targeted to act on immediately:

  • Restricting access to stabilizing braces, which effectively turn a pistol into a more accurate, and more lethal weapon. 
  • Significantly reducing the availability of “ghost guns,” homemade weapons bought online and assembled at home, often without a traceable serial number
  • Directing the Department of Justice to create model “red flag” laws for states, which allow family members and law enforcement to petition the courts to temporarily prevent a person from obtaining a firearm if they pose a risk to themselves or others.

House passes gun legislation to expand background checks 

The House passed gun legislation that would expand background checks on all commercial gun sales, marking the first Congressional move on significant gun control since Democrats won the White House and the majority in both chambers of Congress.

Legislation passed in 2 separate votes.

  • The first vote on H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021, passed 227-203 and would expand background checks for all firearm sales or transfers in the country. Currently, background checks are not required for gun sales and transfers by unlicensed and private sellers.
  • Separate legislation, H.R. 1446, named the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021, passed 218-210 and would close what’s known as the “Charleston Loophole,” which allows some licensed gun sales to go through before a required background check is done. This is the loophole that allowed Dylann Roof  to legally purchase a firearm to kill nine people in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015.

The bills are expected to pass the House but won’t be as straightforward in the Senate. Democrats hold a 50-50 majority and would need significant Republican support. 

Colorado gun storage bill passes House and moves to Senate

A new bill is making its way through the Colorado Legislature to make securing firearms mandatory for all gun owners. If passed, it would make it illegal to store a firearm in a place where either a juvenile or individual who is ineligible to possess a firearm can gain access to it.

The penalties would be considered a misdemeanor, with a fine of $250 to $1,000. It would also require licensed gun dealers to provide a locking device when selling or transferring firearms. Violation would also be classified as a misdemeanor, with up to a $500 fine. 

Opponents say this bill isn’t necessary because most gun owners already do this. On the other side, supporters say more rules are needed to prevent accidental shootings involving children.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if the bill passes, you’ll have a predetermined time period to make sure your firearms are secured in a locking device or in a safe if children under the age of 18 are in the home. 

If you don’t live in Colorado, you may still feel the impact. Other states such as Texas have proposed similar bills.