I finally stocked up on ammo; now where should I store it?

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As all our Patriots know, ammo is more precious than ever, so once you finally get your hands on some, you want to make sure to store it securely.

We’ve all heard the old adage, “keep your ammo dry,” but that’s actually not the only important aspect of storing ammunition. If you typically buy ammo and then use it in a week or so, you’ve got little to worry about. 

If you are lucky enough to be stocked up, there are some easy techniques to keep your ammo fresh and ready. The 3 key words for long-term ammo storage are: cool, dry, and safe.


Cool is really about consistent temperature. So don’t store it in your garage, your truck or any unheated space where the temperature varies each day. Inside your home or a temperature-controlled storage area are great, if you have a good area or cabinet to keep your rounds. 

What about your basement? It’s the most consistently cool place in your house, right? Unfortunately, it’s also the most humid place in your house.


Dry is likely the most critical element of keeping your supply at 100%. 

Humidity changes, especially over the long term, can cause corrosion of the casing and can even impact the shootability of your rounds. 

Our favorite tactics: 

  • Using good ammo boxes that have a solid seal
  • Using desiccant packets (those packets that are in the electronics you buy) for ammo that won’t be used for a long period of time
  • Storing ammo in a gun safe, which, because of the thicker walls and tight seal, can offer temperature consistency


We can’t emphasize this one enough. And it has a couple of meanings. 

First, we all know that we want our ammo kept out of harm’s way, away from little ones and in a spot that we remember for the next time we’re packing up for the range. 

In many cases, whether it’s your choice or whether it’s mandated by some new state laws, keeping your ammo locked up is critical. If you are shopping for a gun safe, make sure you buy one that’s big enough to store your stash of ammo AND your firearms. If you haven’t considered a safe for your ammo, it’s time to start doing your research. Most quality gun safes will keep water out in case of a flood and are fire resistant, which is good peace of mind for all your shooting gear.

You can dig deeper and find lot’s on insider tips online, but with this simple approach, your stock of ammo should be good for a decade or more. 

But, you know — wouldn’t it be more fun to get out there and use it before you start celebrating its birthday? 😉

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