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As a veteran, it feels fitting to type this blog on Memorial Day while thinking of the men I was so honored to serve with who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Nation. Remembering how they lived is much more fitting than reliving the battles, and this is where it is my honor to introduce another veteran, Mike Kenny, Executive Director of Warriors Ascent.

With June being Posttraumatic Stress Awareness Month, Defense Logistics, Home of Patriot Defense Ammunition is proud to join forces with many other Patriots, in supporting Mike and his team in helping our First Responders and Veterans defeat PTSD.

Another great veteran is leading the charge in raising awareness and funds for this outstanding organization, but I am going to let Mike introduce our brother, Tony Hofmann. We are calling on all Patriots to stand with this worthy cause. As a corporate sponsor of Warrior Ascent and Team Leadville in the Leadville Ultra-Marathon, every Patriot making a gift of $100 or more, will receive a 10-percent discount on their next order. While getting a discount on ammunition is a big deal, helping fellow Patriots is way more important; it is what Patriots do!

We look forward to sharing more about what Warrior Ascent does and what Team Leadville is all about. Let’s stand in unity with our First Responders and Veterans and fight alongside them in this battle with PTSD.

Drew Meyerowich

Take it Away Mike…


Thanks Drew, it is my honor to share what the team at Warrior Ascent does and our passion for helping our fellow Veterans and First Responders.

Warriors’ Ascent prides itself on serving those who serve and have served. America’s heroes: veterans, police officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical services, have sacrificed on behalf of our communities – to ensure the public’s safety and security, often at a great personal cost. Everyone of these brave men and women deserve the opportunity to live free of guilt, shame, anxiety, and the pain that often accompanies their service. Their trauma often results in depression, substance abuse, suicidal idealations, and even suicide attempts. Through the Academy of Healing, Warriors are empowered to take ownership of their own healing process. Warriors’ Ascent endeavors to set them on the path to healing as they begin their own hero’s journey.

Warriors’ Ascent is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Kansas City, Missouri. It was founded and is run by veterans to provide hope and healing to veterans and first responders who struggle with post traumatic stress. Participants come to the all-inclusive, free of charge 5-day program and are taught tools to heal and tend to the body, mind and soul. Through meditation, mindfulness, fitness (yoga), nutrition and cathartic activities, Warriors’ Ascent’s attendees are set on the path to self-healing. They become empowered to take control of their lives while forming connections and community with those sharing similar struggles.

During their time at the Warriors’ Ascent Program, participants will develop and maintain an unconditionally supportive community, bonding through emotionally open experiences with fellow Warriors. They will become attuned to different social styles of interaction and communication. Participants will learn mindfulness and meditation practices, the effects of PTS on the brain, and explore how a hero looks at the world and his/her role in it. As part of Warriors’ Ascent’s holistic approach, much time and energy is given to tending to the physical body: yoga, nutrition, mobility, sleep hygiene and functional movement. Throughout the 5-day retreat, participants will set core conditions of unconditional positive regard and participate in cathartic activities – working to find their true, whole selves. After graduation, Warriors’ Ascent encourages participants to take ownership of their own healing by continuing the practices they learned at the Academy of Healing. They are invited to continue their journey in an established community of graduates with Alumni events, both virtually and in-person, throughout the year.

One great way to support our mission is to join Patriot Defense in their backing of COL(R) Tony Hofman and Team Leadville. Tony’s team of Great Americans will participate in the Leadville Trail Marathon and Leadville Heavy-Half Marathon in Leadville, Colorado on June 19.

For more information about Warriors’ Ascent, to make a financial contribution, or to apply to attend an Academy of Healing, please visit: Patriot Defense Ammunition Customers who make a donation will be sent a discount coupon for your next ammo purchase. Support Team Leadville and Warriors’ Ascent. 

We appreciate the great partnership we have with Patriot Defense Ammunition and the support of American Patriots.

Thanks for joining us in this important cause.

Mike Kenny
Executive Director
Warriors’ Ascent