PDA + PPU: A partnership forged in mutual respect

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We are a young startup in an old industry, but our veteran-owned military pedigree has already helped us build strong, lasting relationships with both our customers and our partners — like the one we are forging with Prvi Partizan (PPU).

We are damn proud to partner with a global-leading military brand like PPU. Their rounds are highly sought-after, and not easy to find. Maybe that’s because they are made by one of Europe’s oldest, largest and most versatile ammo manufacturers. 

Patriot seal of approval

It is not easy to find a manufacturer that shares our high standards when it comes to products and performance, but PPU checks all the boxes.

Equally important is that PDA meets PPU’s stringent criteria for excellence, too. PPU is also very selective, so we’re honored to earn their mutual respect. 

This is a definite win-win for any Patriot looking for high-grade ammunition. 

Military spec

To us, the consistency and low failure rates of mil-spec are essential: it makes our range days more effective, and less frustrating. And if we count on only the highest quality mil-spec rounds in our own firearms, we sure won’t settle for less when it comes to our shooter community.

Our mission is to serve you, and that’s why this partnership is so critical.

Making sure you have fresh rounds — and plenty of ‘em

While we manufacture our own line, as a small veteran-owned and veteran-operated company, finding components in this shortage has been a tremendous challenge. Now, with the addition of PPU ammo, we are able to bring you an even broader top-of-the-line mil-spec selection.

It is no secret that ammo is hard to find. Especially quality brands like PPU. And even if you do find the caliber you are looking for, it could be old and weathered if not stored properly. Not the case here!

Our partnership ensures we are receiving the latest stocks of ammunition. Our recent lot was manufactured in 2020 and 2021. We have 1,000,000+ rounds of PPU 5.56 NATO ready to ship, plenty of 7.62×39, and more calibers coming to us soon.

Backed by Patriot service

Your PPU rounds come with Patriot Defense’s world-class customer support. We stand proud beside every brand we sell, and we guarantee quality in every round.

If you’re shooting rounds from Patriot Defense, you can fire with confidence — and pride.