Patriot Defense launches Patriot Defense International Ammunition line

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Patriot Defense launches new Patriot Defense International ammunition line

Patriot Defense Ammunition is proud to announce Patriot Defense International, a new line of ammunition that expands the veteran-owned company’s mission of providing high-quality, affordable ammunition to its customer community of local ranges, gunshops, individual gun owners, and other Patriots. 

“Launching Patriot Defense International is a logical next step in our objective to help smaller shooting ranges and gun shops keep their shelves stocked with affordable, high-quality ammunition for their customers,” said Patriot Defense sales & marketing manager Scott Parmann. “These are the types of business that are often ignored by the larger manufacturers and distributors and have been hit hardest by the recent shortages in the ammunition market.” 

Patriot Defense International ammunition is manufactured to Patriot Defense’s rigorous quality and ballistic specifications by its partner Prvi Partizan in Serbia to ensure the highest levels of performance, reliability and accuracy. One of the most respected ammunition manufacturers in Europe, Prvi Partizan/PPU has been manufacturing military and commercial grade ammunition for nearly 100 years. The first offering in the PDI lineup is 9mm Luger loaded with 115-grain full metal jacket projectiles and new boxer-primed brass, packaged in 50-round boxes. 

With US-based ammunition manufacturers working at overload capacity and supply chains strained to the breaking point, acquiring ammunition from PDA’s overseas partners provides a welcome additional supply source but hasn’t been without its challenges, Parmann said. Navigating the complexities of international customs procedures, border crossings, and international shipping has been challenging, but the launch comes at a perfect time to help offset the impact that upcoming import restrictions on ammunition imports from Russia will have on ammunition prices.

In the near future, the Patriot Defense International product line will be expanded with additional popular ammunition options to fill the needs range, training, and personal defense needs of American shooters.