A sacred day for shooters

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Patriot Defense Ammunition Family:

This is a difficult day for me because of the sacrifices I was blessed to witness during my 28 years as a Soldier. Those very sacrifices make Veterans Day so important and special to me. Serving our Nation remains my honor, and this Republic is worth fighting for!
Standing in our midst are men and women, many we do not even know, that defended our Nation’s beliefs in “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Their sacrifice is why this great Republic will continue to flourish. When our Nation called, we responded. Celebrate that!
I was blessed to command Soldiers twice in combat. It is with an unmatched pride that I recognize the sacrifice of all the great men and women who fought for the flag I so proudly fly in my yard. As a Veteran, I remain committed to this flag and the rights our founding fathers gave us — like our right to arms and ammo for shooters of every star and stripe, which I’m proud to continue to stand for here at Patriot Defense Ammunition. I can almost smell the gun powder as I type this!
To my Veteran Sisters and Brothers out there, I offer you my undying respect and I hope you find strength in yourself, and with others, to use your experiences as Veterans to define your purpose and not consume your thoughts. To our Patriot Defense Ammunition Family, be safe and celebrate the blessings our Veterans provide.
Giddy up!


-Colonel Drew M., US Army, Retired
President of Patriot Defense Ammunition