PDA brings revolutionary approach to ammunition industry

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New, veteran owned – minority owned ammunition supplier launches with unique approach

Blue Springs, MO (May 28, 2020) – Startup ammunition manufacturer, distributor and retailer Defense Logistics, LLC’s business approach is unique for a major ammo brand. “Reclaim, Recycle, Repurpose” is not just the company’s operations plan, but a commitment to serving the environment and the citizens of the United States. The company was founded early this year and is led by a diverse management team with over 75 years’ experience in the ammunition industry, along with executives skilled at growing manufacturing businesses.  “When you see so many businesses doing it the wrong way, starting from the ground up to do it right is freeing. This is a 200-year old industry that already centers around excellence. It goes back to the very beginning of, and to the heart of manufacturing in America — and we are revolutionizing it, the right way,” said Drew Meyerowich, president of Defense Logistics.  Defense Logistics utilize a proprietary and lean manufacturing process to recycle, reclaim and repurpose once-fired cases and projectiles. Because of its resources, it can do this at a scale that supports shooters across the country and around the world in volumes unlike other remanufacturers.   As part of the manufacturing process, the cases, primers, powder and projectiles are reclaimed and repurposed into high-performance commercial-grade ammunition. Additionally, Defense Logistics recycles out-of-date or out-of-spec military and commercial ammunition. Missouri-based Defense Logistics has forged a strong relationship with Olin-Winchester, the US military’s official ammunition supplier. Winchester, known as “The American Legend,” has over 150 years in manufacturing firearms and ammunition for American shooters.  Defense Logistics offers Winchester’s military-spec, commercial-grade ammunition and shotgun shells as part of its product line.  “Our mission is one that serves our country and every American,” said former U.S. Army officer and accomplished business executive Joseph B. Anderson Jr, one of the owners and chairman of Defense Logistics. “We are engineering the highest quality ammunition for our customers, using a process that protects our land and resources.” As part of its core values, Defense Logistics is committed to country, community and conservation. The  premium-quality ammunition is available through its website – www.dl-ammo.com, distributors and major outdoor retailers nationwide under the Patriot Defense Ammunition™ brand.