7 things that will definitely affect ammo prices — sooner than we hope

We all got lucky with a small break from the skyrocketing prices during the ongoing ammo shortage, but those rates are already leveling out. 

If you were holding out for more dips — you might want to think ahead: 

1. Primer production is not ramping up fast enough

Ammunition prices are tied heavily to the cost of components to build them, and even the world’s biggest manufacturers are having trouble producing enough primers.  


2. The cost of metal in general is skyrocketing

There’s no break for copper and lead prices in sight! They’re still climbing at frustrating rates


3. Fall is coming. 

Sure, we got a small reprieve from summer seasonal sales: With American life returning to normal, summer once again means kids at home, vacations and all the warm-weather distractions that lower demand. 

But those minimal dips are already plateauing, and fall always harkens an ammo increase. 

Tip for all our Patriots: If you want the best value, get your ammo in the summer. (You’ve got a few weeks left this year, so stock up!)


4. Not much headway in the backlog

Yes, everybody’s still catching up on contracts from 2020 they couldn’t fulfill. Ranges, law enforcement agencies, and other high-volume purchasers are still at the front of the line, and even the top suppliers are still a year or more behind

For now, most manufacturers are focusing on top-selling 9mm and 5.56, but even those are still not in stock steadily. (Pssst … we do have some 5.56, though.) 


5. Midterm elections 

Elections predictably boost ammo demand, so as we near 2022 midterms, the already-strained supply is almost definitely going to start tightening back up. 


6. 2nd Amendment threats

Gun control is always a hot topic, but a growing number of politicians are moving vital 2A issues onto their core platforms, bringing firearms to the forefront like never before. Everything from accessories to online shopping are under fire.

We’re hopeful the millions of new shooters nationwide will join us at the ballot boxes to ensure our rights — but that probably won’t be enough to stop the panic buying beforehand.  


7. All those new shooters? Well, they’re doing it right.  

While some of the millions of new gun owners are undoubtedly just stowing those ammo supplies away with their toilet paper hordes, most are familiarizing themselves with their firearms (as any new owner should!), and that means a lot of hitting the range — and a lot of rounds. 

It’s a win for our community as a whole: It’s a sign that new shooters are engaging responsibly. But more Patriots-in-practice also means the extra demand on ammo will continue in the long-term.

But that one, we’re not complaining about. 


So, when will the increase begin? 

Our suppliers have warned us that an increase is coming. The latest we might be able to maintain these low prices is late September, but the skyrocketing could very well begin before that. 

Now that you’re in the know, plan your stock up!


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